Course Description


Phil Usher

Hey, I’m Phil Usher. Cheeky Investor is like my rock star stage name. You know like Axl Rose (whose real name is actually William Bruce Rose Jr!) True StoryI do things differently to most finance experts out there. For starters I love coffee! And travelling overseas and doing all the other things that our generation were told not to do. I just adjusted my income to make it happen.I'm also pretty obnoxious and cheeky A.F. I need to be this way. There is so much crap out there in the industry and I pride myself of calling people on their bullshit.The Part Where I Answer Your Question ‘Just who the hell does he think he think he is’? And ‘What right does he have to talk about money?’I have worked in a financial consulting role and have worked with clients that have a combined net worth of close to $1bn. I’m also a qualified financial advisor with a business degree and additional qualifications in finance.I'm not one of these people that worked out how to budget and want to share my semi-passion.I’ve studied the most financially successful people in the world learning what it is that separates them from the rest of the world. I’ve been published in the Australian Financial Review, Acorns ‘Growth Magazine’ and on  just to name a few.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to the course

  • 2

    Setting Up A Brokerage Account

    • Setting Up An Account To Trade From

    • Broker Fees and Risk Management

  • 3

    How The Stock Market Works

    • How The Stock Market Works

  • 4

    How Forex Trading Works

    • Forex Trading Overview

    • Understanding Pips (Part One)

    • Understanding Pips (Part Two)

    • Understanding Pips (Part Three)

    • Margin and Leverage

    • Forex Trading Re-Cap

    • Live Trade on Forex Platform

  • 5

    Laying The Foundation

    • Understanding CFDs

    • Margin Account VS Cash Account

    • Going Short

    • How To Buy and Sell: Understanding The Bid/Ask Price

    • Different Trading Styles

  • 6

    Secrets to Trading Success

    • Trading Secrets

  • 7

    Mastering Risk Management

    • Risk Management

    • Setting A Stop Loss To Minimise Risk

  • 8

    Technical Analysis Mastery

    • Technical Analysis VS Fundamental Analysis

    • How To Read Charts

    • Doji Candles

    • High Test and Low Test Bars

    • Support and Resistance

    • Support and Resistance (Example)

    • Identifying Trends

    • Relative Strength Index

    • Moving Averages

    • MACD - How To Use It To Your Advantage

  • 9

    Key Chart Trading Patterns

    • Identifying and Using Chart Patterns

  • 10

    Candlestick Charting Patterns

    • Candlestick Charting Patterns Hack

  • 11

    Master Trading Strategies

    • Pivot Points For Quick Profits

    • Predict Price Movement With Fibonacci

    • Rapid Portfolio Builder Trading Tech Stocks

    • Pick Rversals With Test Bars and Volume

    • Massive Profits From Going Against The Masses

    • Cable Break Out Strategy

    • Momentum and Moving Averages

    • Short Term Day Trading Strategy

    • 52 Week High Strategy Book

    • 52 Week High Momentum Strategy

  • 12

    The Double Digit Swing Trade

    • Part One - Price To Earnings Ratio

    • Part Two - Earnings Per Share

    • Part Three - Predicting Stock Prices

    • BONUS -Walkthrough Using Kogan

  • 13

    The Motley Fool Strategy

    • The Motley Fool Trading Strategy

  • 14

    Trading Psychology

    • Pro Trader Psychology

    • Example Morning Routine

  • 15

    Trading Principles and Rules

    • Trading Principles

  • 16

    Trading Playbook

    • Trading Playbook

  • 17

    Take Action: Steps To Take To Start Trading

    • Starting Your Action Plan

    • How It Reacts To The Market

    • Getting To Know Your Stock

    • High Quality Lagging Indicators

    • Leading Indicators

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